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the whole roll - #8

Mamiya 645 - 85mm 2.8 - Portra 400

You read that right!  I finally got my first ever roll of 120, or 'medium format', developed.  For those non-photo-nerds, 'medium format' is an even larger film/sensor size than the common SLRs and DSLRs you may be familiar with.  120 film covers all sorts of different image sizes/ratios, including 6x4.5 (like this Mamiya), 6x6 (Instagram goodness), and the big boy 6x7.  A couple buddies of mine (@mattpav and @aaronnevin), have shot a 6x6 old school Rolleicord, a 6x7 Hasselblad, and recently a 6x4.5 Bronica ETRS, and they finally got me on the 'medium format' train.  

I was hooked right away.  I've always been intrigued by 'waist-level' viewfinders, and this camera has a beautiful one.  Even on my digital camera, I really enjoy composing form this perspective.  I'll tell you what though, with the Mamiya, it's difficult!  Waist-level finders show a reversed image.  Because of this, all of the adjustments you make are...backwards.  Not only directionally, but rotationally as well!  Tip the camera left, the image tips right.  This was quite the learning experience, but that's what all this is about.  Here's the first roll.  As per usual, this includes ever frame with very minimal editing.  Let me know what you think!

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