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the whole roll - #5

Pentax ME Super - 50mm 1.4 - Portra 160

This was my first roll with a new 50mm 1.4 lens, and some of the shots show it!  The lens jumps from 15 ft. to infinity in like 1/10 of a rotation of the focus ring, and I definitely missed a few shots by shooting them wide open.  There are definitely some nice moments captured here anyway; it's all a learning process.

My personal favorite shot is the one of the spider nestled in a bush nearby.  Almost walked right past him, but am very glad I stopped and took a photo.  Extra glad that this one turned out.

These are all in reverse order, with very, very slight edits.  I really wanted to get these uploaded before I get further down the Iceland editing rabbit-hole.  Enjoy!

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