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All of the included shots were shot on a digital mirrorless camera.  This is every 'keeper' from the trip.  I've had these bogging down my hard drive for months now, all carefully scheduled to drop on Instagram, hashtag-filled and tagged with every community page I know. 

Problem is, I grew to not really enjoy it so much.  I realized at some point that I was building this brand on Instagram of 'Iceland Photographer,' meanwhile having a dwindling number of Iceland photos in the bank.  20-25% of my followers came on since I started my #igersiceland bonanza, after all.  What happens when I run out?

On top of this, the #iceland train was strong this year.  Swimming in Iceland photos from the Instagram community genuinely made it less interesting for me to share my own.  Don't get me wrong, mad congratulations to everyone who was able to make it out there.  It is a wild and super photogenic place.  It was just time for me to stop trying to get on community pages, hashtagging goofy and unrelated things, oversharing, and getting my personal brand all mixed up. 

To force that, here's every shot.  Can't share if I've already shared ;).

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