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the whole roll - #11

In an effort to get things back on track, here is a roll taken last Spring, just before roll #5.  So basically this is ACTUALLY roll #5, masquerading as roll #11.  This one is special for a lot of personal reasons not worth noting here.  One thing I aught to mention, though, is that every shot from this roll vanished on me for the span of a couple weeks.  I searched for this roll to post it in a timely fashion (of course) and could not find a single frame.  I knew I had posted one on Instagram, so I knew that I had transferred the scans to my computer at some point, but other than that I had no idea where they could have gone.

I searched through my Lightroom catalog, all of my folders, all that time knowing that this roll had a lot of very special photos on it.  Not having any luck, I flipped through my archived negatives, and, to my relief, found them right away.  Thankfully, I could at least re-scan if need be.  I ended up never finding the scans on my computer...but I did on my phone.  For some unimaginable reason I had the files on my computer, transferred them all to my phone, and then deleted them from my computer.  Why?  Who the heck knows, but it was a great lesson in good file management!  Anyway, the end to my story is most certainly a happy one, because I am still able to present you with the whole roll - #11:

Pentax ME Super - Various Lenses - Kodak Portra 400 (probably)

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