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the whole roll - #13

So I shot a lot of this roll inside and at night.  The learnings here are obviously that film is color balanced a particular way...Portra, for example, has a Daylight color balance.  So it looks weirdly green and cold under artificial lighting.  I knew this going in, but chose to ignore it for whatever reason.  

In some shots, I just left it alone despite the weirdness.  Others, like the warmer ones by the leather chair, actually look pretty nice.  Others still were so bad that I actually just converted them to black and white digitally.  I don't really like to do this with film (I'd rather just shoot in Black and White for starters), but they were really just too bad...

You may be able to tell from the foliage on the paper plates or the Lagunitas Brown Shugga that I shot this roll in the fall...oops.  We'll catch up soon, I swear!

Pentax ME Super - 50mm f2 - Kodak Portra 800